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As an introvert, a dedicated father of 4, and a former IT professional, Jerome brings a special perspective to his work.

Jerome Lewis, also known as "Mr. Implementation," is a well-respected figure in the real estate industry. He's not only a #1 National Best-Selling Author but also the host of the popular Real Estate Marketing Podcast.

Jerome is also an author with over 20 books, including the best-seller "Real Estate Marketing Implementation."

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer of DRES Media, a respected tech and marketing agency, Jerome helps 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and real estate professionals with their tech, client attraction, and marketing strategies.

He's impacted the lives of over 9854 people real estate entrepreneurs in 40 states and 4 countries.

Jerome's expertise has been acknowledged by renowned companies like ClickFunnels and Magnetic Marketing. He's also shared the stage with industry leaders like, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Vena Jones-Cox, Krista Mashore, and others.

What makes Jerome unique is his strong commitment to getting things done, his no-excuses attitude, and his passion for implementation.

In 2021, eXp University recognized his contributions by awarding him the Instructor of the Year Award. He also hosts the Real Estate Marketing Implementation & Social Media Mastermind, where he shares his knowledge and helps real estate professionals with tech and marketing strategies in a friendly and approachable way.


"Progress over perfection. Results over reasons. Execution over excuses."

- Jerome Lewis

Silly, Serious: Millennial

(March 17th, 1989) - CCCXVII - 🐢♓

Proud Millennial. 

Fun Fact: A myth about Millennials is that they all understand technology and social media. 

This might be true but it's only true for the “front-end/user” experience of social media and technology. Real skills still require proper training, education, and experience.

Jerome Lewis Smiling Silly Millennial
Jerome Lewis Love Technology, This is A Picture of a Computer Jerome Lewis Used on His Intro site

Technologist: Loves Technology

I went to school for a Degree in Specialized Computer Technology, worked at an IT Data Center for more than 7 years, worked for a small start-up as a consultant, and helped build their technical support department from the ground up.

This experience gave me insight into tools and processes that do and do not work for specific business needs.

ISTJ-A: Introvert

If I could be quiet all day, I would. I don't like to talk but that's not the way the world works.

Here's a snapshot of my 16 Personalities/Myers-Briggs profile.

Jerome Lewis Personality Type - ISFJ, Assertive Defender

DISC Profile: Implementor

Here's a good way to explain both my personality and behavior from a past social media post of mine:

A lot of times, when I tell people I'm an #introvert and not a "people-person," I’m met with disbelief and shock. Here’s the thing, much of my interjecting, bravery, courage, spokesmanship comes from my high level of assertion. This #MyersBriggs assessment says I’m 99% in the assertion department. I kind of agree.

I may be quiet -- but I’m far from timid. 😂😂😂

I'm a real estate instructor. I train, lead, and teach hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs each month -- I'm constantly putting myself out in the open, unafraid of humiliation or embarrassment.

I sacrifice myself for others because I am selfless and it is my duty and purpose to help others. It would be selfish to sit back and not share my abilities, story, talent, or whatever you want to call it.

I despise small talk and only like deep conversations with people who mean something to me. If you are a person that has reached out to me and said “How you doing?” and got cold treatment, that’s exactly why. I only appreciate MEANINGFUL conversations. “How are you?” and “How you doing?” are artificial and shallow subjects that I have no interest in wasting my time exploring.

As an #introvert, I don’t mind conversations or talking and interacting with people. They just have to be meaningful. They need to have purpose and significance.

More: A Little More About Jerome

Ever since I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I wanted to get involved in real estate. I learned that one of the best ways to become wealthy is within the real estate business, so I decided to pursue real estate. I was working a dead-end job that didn't want me to utilize my potential to grow and lead. They would put a cap on me and be intimidated by my leadership ability.

Philadelphia. Born and raised. The City of Brother Love. I love this city. We are one of the more “rough” cities, but I would not have it any other way. Growing up in Philadelphia's rough neighborhoods is what helped me become who I am today. Philadelphia has a gritty style about it and this style is one of the things that helps me cut through nonsense and marketing clutter, in business and personally.

Jerome Lewis Digital Real Estate Strategy Philadelphia

I paid $3000 for a coach about 6 years ago. He instructed me on how to network and build relationships within real estate. He taught me how to analyze real estate deals and helped me close my first real estate deal.

Being around and involved in the real estate industry, I realized many professionals can get lost in the noise, so I created this website to help me help others cut through the noise and get to having success within the real estate business!

I have lived in Nicetown, West Oak Lane, Mt. Airy, North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia. So our city is near and dear to my heart.

I currently sit on the Board of Directors at Diversified Real Estate Investors Group AKA DIG. A real estate investment education organization.

I have four children. Ages 11, 9, 4, and 2. Most of what I do is to support and provide for my little duplicates. LOL.

Father: I Live For My Children

Jerome Lewis Family

Giving Back: Helping Others

I'm here to help you because when I first got involved in the real estate business it was hard to cut through the noise with all the lead generation services emailing and contacting me. I decided I wanted to learn how to generate my own leads. Do you know those professionals that come off all pushy and super uptight?

That's exactly who I did not want to be, and that's exactly who I don't want you to become. That's why I created this website. It's a resource that I am sharing with others to duplicate success in a way that is natural to you and your clients. Attraction-based marketing and social media strategies!

Jerome Lewis Networking

Empowering: Real Estate Entrepreneurs

My objective is to EMPOWER and INSPIRE real estate entrepreneurs to tap into the social power of social media to attract more real estate clients using paid and organic strategies.

Social media can seem overwhelming, but it can be learned with the right coaching and mentorship. Facebook is a free social media platform where you can be YOURSELF and be PERSONABLE while still attracting clients into your real estate business and real estate funnels.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Jerome Lewis Hosting Event DIG Connor Steinbrook

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